Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Neighbors and Lighting

So, I just inherited a Beauty Dish (it's a light modifier like a softbox) from my good friend Ben De Rienzo, who is a awesome photographer. I really have not spent much time working with them on shoots. So I pulled the beauty dish out of my car and did a little cosmetic repair and beautification to the inside of it. I set it up outside hoping the neighbor kids, who were playing outside, would want to take some photos with me. They initially, like most people, were not sure of it, but all i had to get was one of the kids to agree. That is exactly what happened, one of the kids was brave enough to let me take his photo first and thats all it took. By the time we were finished, I was letting the kids take photos of each other. We had a blast. Not only did I get to test my new light, I got to have fun with the neighbor kids and get some sweet photos.


Paul and Alison said...

I LOVE these, Ian!!

Mony said...

Like these and i appreciate your photos .

Ella D. McConnell said...

Really very awesome guy . Like it .