Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Tipton Family

Last week I had the privilege to shoot Link, Maria and Lendon Tipton. They are a super cool family and they live just around the corner from me. I met them at their place just before sunset and we reaped the benefits of beautiful light from an amazing sunset. They have a small creek that run through their back yard and just over it is a beautiful field with great trees. Lendon and all of his energy was loving the open fields and I think i was able to capture his energy. Link and Maria own a super creative business called Blue Nova Designs. One element of Blue Nova Events is their beautiful and creative draping for weddings. It's amazing what they can do with fabric. Anyways, i had a blast with the family and I hope you enjoy the photos. Click here if you would like more into about m family photography.


Paul and Alison said...

Ian these pics of the Tiptons are INCREDIBLE!! The lighting is stunning. Great job!!

Grace B. Valerio said...

Excellent photo shoot .

Lora A. Hayes said...

Hello guy,
I appreciate your excellent post .