Friday, May 21, 2010

Surviving the storm

My garden survived the Nashville flood. The three days of rain really took a toll on the garden. The plans were alright but the ground was another issue. When we planted we planted on irrigation rows. Meaning, we put trenches between all the plans and planted on small mounds. This is what saved the garden and the reason we planted that way. Trenching the garden allows water to flow from the garden and not take the plants with them. It's been about a couple months of watering, weeding, mulching and pruning and I am finally starting to see the fruits of my labor. My tomato plant was the first to get a small tomato and now, the majority of my pepper plans have flowered and have fallen over and starting to grow. The squash and zucchini are right behind. While i was taking the photos today I could really see that they are getting ready to explode. I am excited for some fresh veggies from the backyard! Next wednesday I will be leaving the country for a week (i will be blogging more about that soon) and I have a feeling that my garden is going to completely amazing when I return.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

iPhone Photo Of The Week

Sorry about not posting last week. This regular posting is new to me. Well, a couple nights ago I got a call from my long time friend Jordan and he said they (him and his wife, his brother and sister-in-law, mom, sister and niece) were going out to Arrington Vineyards for dinner. Arrington Vineyards is a local winery on a beautiful piece of property. They ended up going to Whole Foods and getting a feast of food and we got a couple bottles of wine from the vineyard. They have tables available for anyone to come out and drink wine, bring your own food to eat or just sit there....amazing! We had an absolute blast. Now to the photo. It had been overcast for the past couple days and it was that night. But right in the middle of dinner all the clouds rolled away just at the perfect time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Having diner and laughing a lot with friends and family, plus a beautiful sunset, is a perfect way to end a day.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

iPhone Photo Of The Week

Originally uploaded by IGC Photography
This is the first of my weekly blog posting. Every Thursday I will be posting a photo from my phone from the last week. I have never done regular posting, so for my mom and the two other regular readers, please have some patience with me. As many people know, this last weekend Nashville flooded and this is what i was doing during the flood. I was over at Jon and Bethany Melton's home playing Settlers and Jungle Speed. No other game gets my heart pumping like Settlers. Even if I loose or win, I am always on edge. That is why I love the game so much. I did end up with a victory!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Photo Booth

Finally got the images from the Light One Up event done. I have posted all of them on the Facebook page and We had a great night of sweet rock music and hangin out with friends. It was not all done for no reason, we were raising money for a community in Africa. The Light One Up team is in talks of another concert in August, I'm looking forward to it. Enjoy the photos.