Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Senior Portraits and Thanksgiving!!

It's been about a week or so sense I have updated the blog, so here we go. A couple weeks ago I was able to take some senior portraits of a long time friend and a student in our youth group. She has grow up to be an amazing woman who is sold out to the Lord. Beckah, Julie (her mom) and I went out to a horse farm out in the country. Not only did we get out there at the perfect time of day, but this place was absolutely beautiful. Sometimes I go to new paces that are amazing and I don't know where to start shooting, this was one of those location. I just wanted to hang out and enjoy the surroundings, but that's not why we were out there. I thought I would get a couple of these photos up before Thanksgiving took over. Speaking of, I am excited to be spending Thanksgiving here is Nashville. It's not something I get to do often. I'm usually at home in Indiana with the family. But I'm a bit jealous of my sister and mom, they are going to the circus (for those people out there who have not been to a circus, you are really missing out). It is one of those strange Thanksgiving half traditions we have. Anyways, I will be spending the day with the Roe's and the clan of people they invited to their place. I'm sure there is going to be a bunch of amazing food, a lot of laughter, football, games and napping...sounds like it will be a great holiday!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Two Anniversaries this weekend!

Sunday was Kyle and Lisa Cooper's one year anniversary and today (monday) is Scotty and Heather Daily's two year! I wish both couples the best and hope they have a blast celebrating!

Tenpenny Family

Had the opportunity to take family portraits for some good friends, Keith and Debbie Tenpenny. They not only wanted family portraits but they wanted images of them for their new life coaching business they are in the process of starting. Halfway through editing these images I realized the Keith was super blessed to have such a beautiful family. His boys really surprised me. When we got to our location they took off. But they were location scouting. They both found spots where they wanted their photos taken. Not only were they super proud of their location but they really wanted their photo taken in THEIR spot. It was awesome. For a good portion of the time we were sitting on the ground throwing leaves all over each other, classic for the fall. We ended the shoot with me just taking photos of the two of them. They said that was the first time sense their wedding that they had a photographer spend personal time photographing the two of them. Hope you enjoy the photos!!

If you are interested in your own family portrait session, check out www.family.igcphotography.com for more info.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Wedding in AZ - Santee Wedding {part II}

Just finished up the edit for Sean and Rachel Santee's wedding. It was one of the most beautiful setting for a wedding. I had a first in my editing, there are photos that are straight off the sensor. I didn't have to do any editing to the photos, not just a slightest tweak. The wedding was a super simple yet very elegant wedding. The setting lent to the simplicity and it also created the beauty. Her dress was brand new but had a very vintage look and feel. Her flowers had orchids in them, that was the first time for me to see that. All that to say, it was very beautiful. I am so glad they let me come out and capture their wedding. I not only got some amazing photos but I was able to spend time with good friends.

I did have the scare of a lifetime during the wedding. I had just finished shooting the girls photos and was getting ready to start with the guys and I had about four images left on my memory card. So I went for my pocket and my card case was not there. Then, I went to my camera bag and the cards were not there. Next, I traced my steps to see if I had set them down somewhere. This whole time I am not to worried because they should be in one of those places but they were nowhere to be found. Now I started to get worried. I have four photos left, no memory cards, no memory card reader (it's kept with my cards) and I don't have the cord to connect to my camera (I use the card reader). Then I stopped and thought about where they could be and remembered, they are on the golf cart I was driving around earlier. So I went to where I dropped off the cart and the cart was not there. I talk with the guy working and he said the cart was on the course somewhere and he was the only person in the shop and could not leave. I then sent my friend to the CVS (we were out in the country, it was the closest and only place to go) to buy memory cards, and at the same time the wedding coordinator had sent someone out looking for the cards. In the mean time, I was using the card from on the the bridesmaids camera. To wrap this up, they found my cards and we later returned the memory cards form CVS. Oh, this all happened 30 minutes before the ceremony started.