Thursday, August 12, 2010

LumberJack & Jill Wedding Shower Photobooth

Last week I went to my very first wedding shower. Don't worry, I was not the only guy, it was a couples shower. I was there with my photobooth taking pictures. My friend Trish, who owns Frilly Milly Events, styled the party and part of the styling was a photobooth. The theme of the party was "Enchanted Forest" but Trish came up with a name that better described it, "LumberJack and Jill." It was a fun night of flannel and mustaches.

If you are interested in more of what Frilly Milly does, check out Trish's blog.
Also, If you want pricing and info to do your own photobooth, email me or check out my web site.


Jacky said...

Gorgeous photography . I admire your photos .

Lisa R. Bailey said...

I'm inspire to see your images . Excellent shoot .