Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love Mugs!

For those of you who know me, this is not a surprise. There is something about drinking something hot, my preference is coffee, out of a mug. On the other hand, having a soda from a mug is fantastic! I guess I could say that just about everything tastes better from a mug. The other day i brought all of my favorite mugs to the office to photograph them. It was fun, at one point I had them in a row on my desk. So naturally I had to pick my favorite and ask everyone else which one they like. I didn't post the photos in any order, they are random. I can feel your tension, you really want to know which on in my favorite, it's number 10 (the tenth photo from the top). There is a story behind all of the mugs. My favorite mug is from Mazatlan Mexico. It is hand crafted and hand painted. He makes a whole set of dishes in this style. The one thing about the mug that made me fall in love with it is the colors, especially the blue. The blue combined with the other colors is absolutely beautiful!! Would love to hear your thoughts about which mug is your favorite. This is no contest and I'm not giving out my mugs, i love them way to much. I just like to hear other peoples opinions.



aimee said...

I like the bird one too, but I think the house one is my most favorite-est :) Fun post!

Ian Collins said...

yea...i actually have a couple of those and they all have different homes on them.

Joanne Chantelau said...

#10 is definitely beautiful. But there's something about Jon's mug: classic. solid. faithful. I love it. Plus the simple brown one with the white interior.

I agree that hot beverages are just better from a mug. A mug says, Sit and stay awhile; enjoy the moment. Paper cups with lids say, Hurry, don't spill, run to the next thing. I usually ask for a real mug of tea when I plan to sit for a spell at a coffee or book shop. When I visited Paris (as in Paris, France), I almost always got a solid white mug and my own teapot for a cup of the'. They didn't even offer to-go cups. I loved it!

Great blog. I will have to show you one of my favorite mugs's called The Crab and it shows an illustration of an ornery girl sitting in a chair. So me! : )

Yi Jie Ch'ien said...

Professional photography you have done here . I'm glad to see your photos .

Tomiko said...

Like your photography . Thankyou so much .