Saturday, January 08, 2011

Franklin Creative Suite

Just before Thanksgiving Stoney and I were at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, Pueblo Real, and I brought up that there was some open office space in downtown Franklin and he should check it out. This is a topic we have been talking about for a while. Some of my friends were in the space and they loved it and mentioned to me that they were moving out, so thats when i mentioned it to Stoney. Within 24 hours of talking with Stoney he had everything planned out. Now I just said that he should check out the space, not "i want to move in to the space." If you know Stoney, when he is on something he is completely all over it. But it all turned out to be amazing. We decided to go for it! We had two weeks to get the financial backing needed to rent out the space and build it out. So we sold a empty room and in two weeks we had all the people necessary, plans for the build out and they money. They first weekend of december was the beginning of the build out. Stoney's parents cam from alabama with a truck load of stuff and they stayed to help for the weekend. The four of us spend the entire weekend working in the office. It was a lot of longs days and nights, but it payed off. We didn't completely finish but a amazing start. Our official starting date was the 15th of december but we were having a open house on the 14th. That meant everything had to be done by the 14th. It was a long couple really hard weeks, i really had no clue what day it was. But in the end everything got done. Looking back it was a great time. That is how we started.

I love the space! If you are even in franklin and want to stop by and say Hi and drink a cup of coffee, please stop in.

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All the photos were taken by Jaclyn & Bill Robinson of Robinson Studio & Design.


Lixue Tseng said...

You guys,
Like your professional photography .

Vonnie said...

All of these photos are gorgeous , Thanks .