Monday, February 04, 2013

Invest In Your Wedding Memories

As I was planning my wedding I quickly realized that at the end of your wedding day you don't end up with a lot of tangible things to take away.  You have a dress, a ring, a few leftover favors, and some frozen cake.  Perhaps the most valuable thing you come away with are your photos to serve as the physical representation of your memories.

So as a new bride myself, I was personally invested in finding the very best way to showcase wedding photos for IGC Photography clients.  We attended a photography expo and I made it my mission to investigate every album vendor present.  I touched and felt covers and flipped pages until I found a few books that I'd be proud to put on my coffee table.

We narrowed down the books to my three favorites, which we are happy to offer in our wedding packages.  All albums are professionally designed and include 100 pages of images.  We call them an "album+" because we include all digital files of the photos featured in the album for you to use as you please.

Kendra Collins
IGC Photography


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