Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome Mrs. IGC

Some people said it would take a special woman to marry Ian Collins. I guess that makes me special. With wedding bells still ringing in our ears, and our household roles still being determined, we've decided to add “employee” to the list of titles I hold! That's right, I'm the newest employee of IGC Photography. We are both incredibly excited to partner in working together, growing the business, and finally spending those working Saturdays together! I certainly have a lot to learn about business and even more to learn about photography, but I know it's going to be an incredible adventure. So be on the lookout for a touch of femininity, a dash of type-A personality, and a whole lot of fun to come!

Kendra Collins
Mrs. IGC


Hannah Day said...

LOVE it! Welcome Mrs IGC :-) Love you guys!

Jane said...

I'm very delightful to see these captured .

Delphia J. Keltner said...

You are most welcome here IGC .