Saturday, July 03, 2010

Gardens and DVD's

This is a product that I am super excited about. Not only does it look great, but it's made with a very high quality. I used to try and make something like this at home, but it was no where near the quality. I would use my printer and print on a dvd and use a clear jewel case....i thought it looked like a million dollars...compared to this, i was way wrong. This obviously does not cost a million dollars but it looks and feels just as good. If I had a stack of these I would try and buy a personal jet and they would let me....because they look that good. Anyways, I took these photos in my my garden on my sitting stumps. The garden has been amazing, if you don't have one I recommend trying a small one. In the morning, it's a great quiet place. It helps me get up in the morning and get going. I've grown to love the cool summer morning while the sun is rising! Here is my latest photo from my iPhone using a new app.


Jane said...

The last photo capturing place looks more natural to me .

Irene L. Medlock said...

Exceptional job . I appreciate your post .